Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who Gets The Stuff

Even young children on the playground can understand the economics that apply to the new administration's so called "stimulus package." It is simply the transfer of reward from those who earn it to those who do not. And even the kids on the playground can understand that it isn't right when someone claims that "everyone is the winner" when there was clearly one of the kids (or teams) that ran faster, scored more goals, practiced more, or maybe just had the natural talent to be the winner. The outcome on the playground is that one side gets the trophy or the cheers, and the other side realizes that they need to work harder if they want the trophy or the cheers.

When the government takes what one side works for and gives it to the other side, they DESTROY the benefit of competition for BOTH sides. The guy that works hard, finds opportunities to use his talents, and succeeds is essentially told, "keep it up because you need to produce enough for yourself, and the people who have not practiced, or trained, or even worked hard enough to have THE SAME THINGS YOU OBTAINED." The guy that didn't work hard, or find training, or practice a trade is essentially told, "don't worry about doing anything in exchange for what you get, we'll take it from other people and give it to you ANYWAY."

The net result, for all you bleeding heart, liberal, anti-capitalist types, is that NEITHER side has any reason to exert any extra effort, NOTHING more gets done, and NOTHING more gets made. THAT MEANS THERE IS LESS FOR EVERYONE TO HAVE!!!! Less FOOD! Less HOUSING! Fewer CARS! Less MEDICAL CARE PROVIDED! Less EVERYTHING. And when there is less of something, it costs more because the same number of people still want or need it. And when things cost more, money is simply worth less.

Jimmy Carter showed us how this all works 3 decades ago and it appears, based on how many people younger than 30 voted for Obama and his socialist friends, that the public schools and universities have effectively filtered that lesson out of what is taught. If we manage to survive the damage that Obama does to the overall standard of living in the United States, and in turn the rest of the world, we'll certainly have him to thank for at least one thing. He will have taught the next generation, by bringing back massive inflation and government abuse of power, what the schools have so miserably failed to teach them, that socialism DOES NOT WORK, and that EVERYBODY PAYS FOR IT.

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